Keeps your garden, playground and sandpit naturally clean.

Description of product and how it works

Natural and harmless:

CleanPlay consists of a mineral of volcanic origin, saturated with specific aromatic oils; harmless to humans, animals and plants. The natural aromatic oils also have an antibacterial effect against pathogens and reduce their increase.

Long-lasting and effective:

The special structure of the carrier material keeps the active substances for a very long period of time and so frequently spreading is not necessary. Depending on weather, apply one or two times per outdoor season to protect your ground against dog's and cat's excrements.

Universal and inconspicious:

CleanPlay smells lemony-fresh and so it is also ideal for indoor application (e.g. in flower pots). The fine granules are invisible in the sand or soil.

Another PLUS:

Due to its special structure the mineral acts as water and nutrient storage, thus improving the soil structure.

Application and dosage

  • In sandpits: 0.5 kg per 100 kg of sand (by full meddling), in huge sandpit facilities 0.1 kg per m² (just on the surface)
  • On green spaces and paths, in flowerbeds and vegetable beds, on beach volleyball courts etc.: approx. 30 to 50g/m² (easy to dose and re-closable)

Packaging size:

  • For private use: 0.75 kg shaker pot
  • For private use: 3 kg bucket
  • For large-area use: 10 kg bucket
  • Special packing if requested