The binding agent as technological additive for animal nutrition.

Due to its binding capabilities, LithoFeed is an often used additive which amends animal food. Its use is especially recommended in protein rich rations.

The availability of important nutrients like vitamins and trace elements is not reduced, since LithoFeed is not able to absorb nutrients due to their molecular size and structure.

Substances which are bound by LithoFeed act as plant-nutrients when brought to the field. 

When using LithoFeed additionally as bedding material the following effects can be observed:

  • Adsorption of ammonia (cationic exchange)
  • Smell reduction in the stable and at the field
  • Reduction of flies
  • Effective binder of water

Effects and advantages of LithoFeed:

  • Very high surface area – important habitat for microorganisms in the gut
  • 100% pure natural product Zeolite
  • Licensed for use in biological agriculture according to EU regulation 834/2007
  • Furthermore LithoFeed is listed in the resource list for organic farming in Germany

Recommended Dosage:

  • Adddition of 1 % of LithoFeed to the whole feeding ration


LithoFeed Products:

  • LithoFeed: 0-0,180 mm grain size 
  • LithoFeed Special: 0-0,400 mm grain size
  • LithoFeed 500: 0,250-0,500 mm grain size


Trial Data Sheet LithoFeed - Turkey

Trial Data Sheet LithoFeed - Poultry


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