The water filter and binding agent for harmful chemicals used in garden ponds and aquaria.

LithoGran is used in pond building and aquaristics. In these cases, the product works as a filter agent for water cleansing and the binding of chemicals (in particular, ammonia and iron).

In addition LithoGran serves as habitat for bacteria cultivation which has a positive effect on water quality. Especially in nitrite and nitrate bacteria, which transforms dangerous ammonium and nitrite for fish into nitrate useful for plants, which is found in their natural habitat in LithoGran.

Other filter agents (for example, quartz sand) don’t have this nutritional absorption property and can not support the life of important bacteria due to their smooth surfaces.

In pond builiding LithoGran is used not only in the filters but also as a loose fill material. It does not only have decorative properties due to its attractive look, but also the water quality benefits as well.

The most important advantages of LithoGran are:

  • Filter agent for water cleansing
  • Binding agent of harmful chemicals and heavy metals (especially ammonium and iron)
  • Habitat for important bacteria cultivations (especially nitrite and nitrate bacteria) and microorganism --> positive effect on the water quality
  • High nutrient uptake
  • Regulation and stabilization of pH value
  • 100 % purely natural product
  • Algae inhibiting by nitrate decomposition
  • Filter agent and decorative material in ponds and aquaria at the same time


LithoGran Products:

  • LithoGran 2: 0,5 - 2 mm grain size
  • LithoGran 4: 2 - 4,5 mm grain size
  • LithoGran 8: 4 - 8 mm grain size
  • LithoGran 16: 8 - 16 mm grain size
  • LithoGran 32: 16 - 32 mm grain size