For friends of equestrian sport.


Our product series LithoHorse was developed especially for friends of the equestrian sport to be counted among the high requirements in fields like animal health.
The LithoHorse series actually involves two different kind of products made of natural zeolite with high quality. First Lithos offers LithoHorse, as feeding additive and second LithoHorse Artus, a paste applied on sinews and waists.

LithoHorse- the technical additive for horse feeding

LithoHorse complements optimally your animal’s feed rate and acts as a flow aid and binder. The zeolite improves the feed quality and is 100% natural. Harmful substances can be caught and bound from zeolite, other important nutrients are not affected by this.

If the product is used correctly following additional effects may occur:

  • Deacidification and regulation of pH value
  • Supports the change of coat
  • Shiny fur

LithoHorse Artus – Paste applied on sinews and waists.

LithoHorse Artus is a cooling and care paste and is an enhancement of the well-known product “acetate of alumina“. The paste consist mainly out of zeolite, which is able to bind harmful substances and by the acidic pH value LithoHorse Artus can eliminate unfavorable microorganisms effetely.

The paste offer a cooling effect and applies as home remedy for compresses. Needless to say, our product is free of chemicals and pharmaceuticals and therefore it also can be used in high-performance sport.

Following effects can be noticed:

  • Cooling and astringent effect
  • Reduction of water or other liquids out of waists