Micro-filter and binding agent for pollutants in swimming pools.

Natural filter mineral with a surface area 50 times greater than ordinary filter sand enabling superior micro-filtration and ammonium binding capabilities.


  • Inhibits algae formation by scavenging ammonia
    Ammonia is one of the main food sources for algae. LithoPool removes this food source by a process called ion-exchange. LithoPool scavenges and retains the ammonium ions within its crystalline structure.
  • Reduces chemical usage
    The ammonia binding property causes a decrease in nutrition for the algae and inhibits their formation. Therefore the quantity of the chemistry used can be reduced.
  • Reduces „pool odor, eye and skin irritation
    LithoPool effectively eliminates Chloramines in the pool water and thus diminishes unpleasant pool odors, burning eyes and irritated skin. 
  • Filters smallest impurities, pollutants as well as heavy metals
    LithoPool grains filter extremely fine dirt particles directly onto their surfaces and not just between the grains like ordinary filter sand. The ion exchange capacity traps also other pollutants and even heavy metals. There's a great improvement in the water clarity.
  • Applicable in all sand filter pumps
    The grain size is the same as ordinary filter sand and so LithoPool is applicable in all sand filter pumps. Due to its smaller specific weight 1 kg LithoPool equals to 1,5 kg ordinary filter sand.
  • Lasts much longer than ordinary filter sand
    Unlike ordinary filter sand, the surface of LithoPool grains is not smooth. This advantage filters more particles and offers more space for micro organisms who settle down easier. Therefore the filler mineral can be used for longer periods.
  • Helps regulating the pH value
    With its special structure and the ion exchange property LithoPool acts as a calcium buffer and helps regulating the pH value.
  • 100 % purely natural product
    LithoPool is a 100% natural mineral without any synthetic additives.