Storage and buffer agent for nutrients and water in agriculture and horticulture.

LithoSoil is licensed for use in biological agriculture according to EU regulation 834/2007.

LithoSoil as soil conditioner:

The natural mineral Zeolite contained in LithoSoil has an extraordinary high surface area with negative loads. Therefore LithoSoil has a very high cation exchange capacity and can store and buffer different nutrients. Especially ammonium, brought to the soil by farm or mineral fertilizer is bound to the Zeolite, thereby slowing down its conversion to nitrate. Therefore nitrogen can be released to the plants according to the current demand and the loss of nitrate into the ground water can be prevented.

Another decisive advantage of using LithoSoil is its high water storage and buffer capacity. LithoSoil helps regulating the water balance, thereby avoiding greater harvest losses in years with longer periods of drought.
This function of LithoSoil as water and nutrient buffer agent, avoiding drought and nutritional stress in plants, is also applied in sport and golf facilities.

Due to its high surface area, LithoSoil is habitat for microorganisms in the soil, supporting the whole soil fauna. This further leads to a better soil structure and nutrient mineralisation.


The most important advantages of LithoSoil in the soil are:

  • High surface area with negative loads – high cation exchange capacity
  • Storage and buffer for nutrients and water
  • More cost-effectiveness of applied fertilizer
  • Reduction of ground water pollution
  • Promotion of the activity of the soil organisms, enhancing soil structure

Straw additive:

By use of LithoSoil with its high water and ammonium storage property, the effects of a traditional straw are remarkably improved. The humidity absorption reduces the risk of formation of mold and pathogens in the litter.
In addition, the state of well being of the animals is increased by dry straw because the risk of hoof and claw diseases decreases.

Thanks to LithoSoil's property of binding ammonium, there is less ammonia loss causing unpleasant smell in the shed. It is proven that a better shed atmosphere increases the health and performance of the animals. The nitrogen compounds stored in LithoSoil are brought to the field with the farm fertilizer,  where the zeolite serves as soil conditioner.

LithoSoil as slurry additive:

LithoSoil can also be used as a sewage additive with the above mentioned advantages that reduce the ammonia losses and the use of fertilizer. This represents a decisive economical advantage. LithoSoil also helps to prevent the build-up of a floating layer in sewage containers.

LithoSoil also reduces the formation of a foul smell and ammonia loss while spreading the sewage.


LithoSoil products:

  • LithoSoil: 0 - 0,180 mm grain size
  • LithoSoil 2: 0,5 – 2 mm grain size
  • LithoSoil 4: 2 – 4 mm grain size