To cool down irritated teats.

LithosEutercreme is the further development of the well known natural remedy „aluminium acetate“.

Lithos uses for LithosEutercreme LithosEutercreme zeolite instead of aluminium acetate. The used mineral takes over the function as pollutant binder (binding ammonia) Further LithosEutercreme can dispose negative microorganisms through the sour pH-value.

The ointment offers a cooling effect and can be used at the udder.
Naturally LithosEutercreme is free of pharmacy and other chemical substances, this causes to no waiting periods in milk production.

Advantages and benefits:
  • Cooling and astringent effect
  • Reduces surplus liquids from tissue
  • Economical and productive
  • Purely natural

Productinformation LithosUddercream