All Lithos Natural products are based on specially prepared and processed zeolite depending on different applications.

What are zeolites?

Zeolites are aluminium-silicate minerals that have very wide internal surfaces (up to approx. 400 m2/g) due to their special micro-porous structure. As a result, zeolite can store an inimitable quantity of water or other substances.

In addition, zeolite has also a selective ion exchange property in relation to a special chemical composition (in this case, the highest clinoptilolite percentage possible is the decisive quality criterion).

The order of selectivity for the ion exchange looks like the following: Cs>Rb>K>NH4>Ba>Sr>Na>Ca>Fe>Al>Mg>Li

Unique characteristics:

These unique characteristics of zeolite can be better illustrated with the following structure model:

High quality and availability

Lithos Natural owns many open cut mines and, as a result, can constantly guarantee high quality and availability of raw material. The different zeolite products processed by Lithos Natural can be used in many applications thanks to their special properties. All products are completely natural and, as a result, can be safely used in organic farming.


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