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In the current issue of the magazine “Feder” we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Robert Diglas.
The business began as a hatchery 70 years ago and over time has specialized in raising pullets, especially for private and small customers.
In Austria they are one of the largest in their field, as the market for pullets in small and smallest holdings has grown significantly.https://www.gefluegel-diglas.at/

During the conversation, we learned of Mr. Diglas's experience using zeolite, a natural mineral that has proven to be an extremely effective method of mite control in poultry farming.


The benefits of zeolite in mite control
Mr Diglas reported that there are many benefits to using zeolite in his poultry farming. The vitality of the animals has improved and feather pecking, a common problem in poultry farming, has been successfully combated.

An interesting aspect is that chickens in micro and small-scale farms that receive zeolite often become an integral part of the family.
The children are happy about their own chickens, which are easy to care for and have names.

Why zeolite is so effective
Zeolite not only works against mites, but also has positive effects on the general health and well-being of chickens.

It not only helps against feather pecking, but also supports the vitality of the animals.
In poultry farming, where mites have become a common problem, zeolite has proven to be an extremely effective solution.

Differences from other methods
Mr Diglas emphasized that they have tried different methods of mite control, including chemical products.

But these did not seem to have a lasting effect as the mites quickly became resistant.
Zeolite, on the other hand, offers a natural and long-term solution, without the use of chemicals and the associated risks.

Application of Zeolite
Zeolite is used in powder form and applied in the stable after mixing with water.
This process is simple and effective.
The finely ground zeolite forms sharp edges that physically harm mites when they crawl over them. This causes the mites to dry out and die.

Recommendations for use
Mr Diglas recommends sprinkling zeolite into the laying nests, sieve bars and all cracks in the stable.

This can be done both preventively and to combat mite infestation.
A reduction in mite infestation can be felt after just a few days.

Supply options and costs
Zeolite for mite control is available at various points of sale, including directly from the manufacturer in Ennsdorf, selected warehouses, large feed manufacturers, specialist retailers and from Mr. Diglas in his farm sales in Feuersbrunn.
The cost of zeolite is economical and profitable compared to other miticides.

A resource-efficient way to combat mites
At a time when sustainability and natural solutions are becoming increasingly important, zeolite is an excellent example of an environmentally friendly method of mite control Mite control in poultry farming.
Mr. Diglas and his company show how natural products can be not only effective but also cost-effective. If you work in poultry farming or keep chickens in your own garden, zeolite could be the solution to your mite problems.
It's time to rely on the power of nature while promoting the health of your animals.

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